From vendors...

Justina proposed thoughtful, creative ideas to address the needs of her client that allowed us to kick-start the stationery design process in a productive, collaborative way. I came to think of Justina as my "translator". As a vendor, and particularly as a stationer, it's sometimes challenging to communicate to your couple the pros and cons of certain design elements, but open, thorough communication comes easily to Justina. She listened to my thoughts as a designer, provided feedback, and ultimately made wise recommendations based on her experience and what was best for her couple.

I'm not sure "above and beyond" even begins to describe how far Justina went to make our event a success. She was persistent and passionate about finding solutions to our creative problems, constantly coming up with ways to guide us to a beautiful product that both the couple and vendor could be excited about.

I would recommend Justina in a heartbeat. I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself throughout this process, "wow, I wish every event planner was this supportive and thorough." She spoiled her vendor team, truly! I feel lucky to have worked with her, and I'm hopeful to work with her many times over.


— julie

stationer, song and pen


"Justina was an absolute darling to work with. She was attentive, communicative, and all ears through the whole planning process. She was star at managing time, budgets, and schedules as well as a great sounding board and second opinion when it came to the floral design. What I absolutely loved is that she had an amazing way of connecting all of the vendors with each other as well as with the bride and groom to make us feel like we were true collaborators in making this wedding special. All the planning culminated in a wonderfully personal, and beautifully produced event. Go team!"




Justina was a professional from the beginning of the creative process and was able to communicate the style of the wedding right away. It's always a joy working with someone with such a clear creative vision, and makes my job as a vendor much more seamless.

Justina shared inspirational images and insights from the couple that were extremely helpful through the whole design process. With her help, I was able to translate the style of the wedding into textiles that would complement the day. She also accompanied me in hand selecting the exact shade of blush the client requested for the table runners. Not every wedding designer would go to these great lengths to make the details count, but Justina approached every aspect of the wedding with grace and determination. 

Absolutely, I'd recommend Justina as THE planner/designer. Not only does she have a clear, cohesive creative vision (clearly influenced by the art world she was involved in), but she has the connections in the wedding world and the tenacity to flawlessly execute any event. Any couple or vendor would be lucky to have Justina on their side.


— catherine

custom linen designer, the bayith


I wish that we could work every wedding alongside planners like Justina Michaels from Fitting Fetes. Even though she has a high-stress job she carries herself with ease. Justina is warm, friendly and talented. The wedding that we shot together at The Metropolitan Building in Long Island City, Queens was romantic and elegant. It went off without a hitch and the entire day was on schedule. From our perspective Justina had done all of the legwork to make Krista & Eric's wedding a breeze. She is an absolute joy to work with because she cares for her team. We hope to work together again soon! 


— katrina

founder, gisele & george